When you are looking to purchase a home, you have the option of going straight to a Lender or using a Mortgage Broker to act on your behalf. A Mortgage Broker is someone who acts as an intermediary between you, the borrower, and a Lender. There are several advantages to using a Broker, some of which include:

  • The cost – In the vast majority of cases, Brokers are paid by way of a ‘finder’s fee’ from the Lender, and not by you.
  • Brokers offer you independent, objective mortgage advice. We are here to act in your best interest, not in the best interest of a Lender.
  • We do the research for you. Buying a home can sometimes be an overwhelming and complicated process. We use our expertise to find out which Lender and mortgage product best suits your financial situation.
  • We have negotiating power with Lenders, because they compete to gain our business. We also have access to rate specials that may not necessarily be available to the public.

Our expertise in the mortgage industry translates to many benefits for you; we are able to tailor our service to your specific situation, whether you are a first time home buyer, self employed, or if you are new to Canada and looking for an experienced professional to guide you through the process.

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