Winterize Your Home

Posted on 10 October, 2012

This time of year can be very hectic and busy.  Back to school, back to work, back to routines, and with all the festive holidays, taking the time to plan ahead for those cold winter months is sometimes hard to do. Winter is inevitable and coming fast, so here are some quick and easy things to do to ensure your home and family are ready for winter.

  • Gardening is not over quiet yet, in fact this time of year is when gardening is the most important. Make sure all young trees and annual plants are covered and protected against the frost. As much as raking the leaves might seem like a chore, it also prevents the grass from moulding and allows it to get enough sunshine for better growth come spring.
  • Windows and doors kept open for that last bit of sun, makes it a great opportunity for those pesky bugs and drafts to find their way into your home. Start by filling cracks and openings properly, ensuring all weather stripping and windows are sealed correctly, this will also help save on your energy bills.
  • New or old, all furnaces need TLC sometime and this is the perfect season to do so. Getting your furnace and ducts cleaned, filters changed and hot water tank inspected will give you the mind at ease to know you are prepared for any stormy day.
  • Gutters and chimneys, two things we sometimes forget about, but always should be cleaned. Gutters tend to fill up quick and once freezes it will cause the metal to expand and pull away from the roof, later causing more maintenance. As well as chimneys are not only a safety hazard if not kept clean but also a health risk too. Making sure the chimney is clean will allow you to cozy up to the fire for those quiet winter nights. 

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