Travelling Tips to Help You Save

Posted on 20 August, 2012

The tourism industry is driven by its time sensitive offers. Book quick deals can be misleading and majority of the times are false. It’s a marketing ploy to create urgency to get customers to pounce on the deals, so they can sell out quicker. So when you are planning your summer getaway, consider using the following tips to save.

Use a consolidator. Sites like Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak – are called travel consolidators. They gather prices and information from hundreds of sources to let you easily compare prices and quality.

Buy on a cheap day. Typically when you book on a Saturday, Tuesday, or Thursday prices are lower. Same goes for departure dates; usually flights are cheaper leaving on Wednesdays, or Saturdays.

Buy early. Hotels and airlines tend to raise prices 21 days before the flight or check-in date. So if you have a schedule, book ahead.

Buy late. If you are flexible and do not have a specific destination in mind, booking 11 hours prior to, rewards in as much as 75% off.

Research your stay. It is hard to determine if a destination is safe, or the quality of a hotel is acceptable without actually being there, so do your research. Sites like trip advisor, give great feedback from guests, and insight on what to expect.

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