Why Mortgage Loan Insurance is Beneficial

Posted on 16 November, 2012

Many Canadians feel that Mortgage Loan Insurance, offers more value to lenders than it does the individuals actually purchasing it. While this is true to an extent, we must acknowledge that without Mortgage Default Insurance providers such as CMHC & Genworth Financial, home ownership would be out of reach for many. Under the financing programs provided by these integral companies, Canadians have access to Mortgage Loan Insurance products which make possible Mortgage Refinances, renovation loans and most importantly, home purchases.

In addition to providing the required support for your home purchase financing, both CMHC and Genworth offer additional benefits to those who have purchased Mortgage Loan Insurance. This is best exemplified through Genworth’s HomeNOW program, which offers all sorts of discounts and savings for Canadians who have used Genworth Insurance to purchase their home. These savings range from discounts at the Home Depot to savings on the purchase of General Electric appliances.

CMHC and Genworth have both dedicated a significant amount of their resources to educating Canadians on the topic of homeownership in Canada. Their websites www.cmhc.ca and www.genworth.ca offer page after page of information and tools which simplify and explain all aspects of buying, renovating, and refinancing your home.

We welcome you to contact us for further information on the benefits of CMHC and Genworth Financial Mortgage Loan Insurance.

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