Home Heating Efficiencies

Posted on 19 December, 2013

The days are getting shorter and cooler. It’s habit by now to bring our cars in for a winter tune up as the weather turns, but it can be easy to forget that the heating systems in our homes could use a check up as well. It’s important to ensure our families stay warm this winter, and a few quick checks can ensure that our heating systems are running at top efficiency as well.

1. Draft-proof your home! Check doors, window frames and attic hatches to ensure cold air isn’t coming through.

2. Change your furnace filter often and don’t forget to have your furnace serviced and cleaned regularly.

3. If your heating equipment is more than 20 years old, consider upgrading it to a new and more efficient model. Windows can also be upgraded to dual or triple panes, which helps insulate your home, keeping it warmer and making it cheaper to heat.

4. Installing a programmable thermostat means you can ensure the heat is reduced for times when you’re sleeping or away from home, cutting costs even more.

5. Upgrade attic insulation to ensure your home retains more heat.

6. Make sure all registers and ducts have unobstructed airflow.

For more ways to reduce heating costs, consider lowering the thermostat two degrees and wearing layers, or closing registers in unused rooms in the house.

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