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Posted on 12 September, 2013

Not too many people like to take responsibility for someone else’s mess.

The expression "clean up when your done", spoken in homes around the world, is a powerful phrase that can aptly describe what the right Insurance can do for your household.

Taking on a Mortgage is often the largest obligation an individual commits to in their lives. Adequate Mortgage Insurance is, simply put, a way to receive an lump sum of money to erase that large debt contract. This planning strategy is put in place to avoid passing the responsibility of repayment to loved ones who never created the debt in the first place.

If it’s ever crossed your mind to double check that the protection plans you currently have in place are suitable or if you’ve ever wondered how to go about acquiring Mortgage Insurance; now is the time to take action on this important (and often overlooked) housekeeping chore.

After all, were you planning to clean up someone else’ mess?

We can’t help you with all the chores but we can help you with this one. Call (780) 432-7575 and get one more thing off that to-do list.

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