Posted on 12 December, 2012

Life can get hectic, and overwhelming; luckily there’s an app for that. Here are just a few apps that can help you with those small daunting tasks and help keep you organized!

Ihandy level– this app is ideal for hanging pictures, measuring angels and slopes, and calculating roof pitch.

ColorSmartthis app allows you to browse a full array of paint colors to make your home renovation projects easier. Take a photo of a color, tap the screen and it will match the color for you.

Billminder– is a great app that will help you keep your bills organized and paid on time. It will alert you when a bill due date is approaching and also allows you to budget and track spending to help you save.

ServiceMagic– is an app that will connect you with contractors and home repair professionals in your area to give homeowners peace of mind when things go wrong.

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